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General Info

The age date listed for leagues are a date that will be strictly followed. Safety and level of the gameplay is why they are set, and why they will be followed. This is not just suggestion. All registrations will be monitored and if deemed inappropriately registered for leagues, can be moved at board discretion. Any questions can be emailed to the Baseball Director.

Wea Township Residents will receive priority for team placement. Players should play in their “Home” Summer Rec district. For example; Cole, Dayton, Southwestern, and Lafayette residents should play in the association built for those residents, unless circumstances warrant a move to Wea. This is to help all associations in our leagues have numbers for league sustainability. There are no guarantees league numbers automatically warrant outside Wea Township residents will be accepted. We will only accept those players on an “as needed” basis to make roster sizes more accommodating to teams.

Registration will have a rolling close date determined by number of players that will be accepted. It is encouraged to sign up early to be ensured of a roster spot. During registration, Wea will monitor numbers for our roster sizes. The board, at its discretion, may close certain leagues for registration ahead of deadline, and place any player wishing to play after that date on a “waiting list”. If enough players are interested to satisfy rosters, we may then accept the waiting list players on a first come first served basis. Wea will post via social media and organizational website to notify interested players when this situation may arise for a fair warning ahead of time, as much as possible.

All leagues are subject to having enough coaches for teams. If we run into a case where we do not have enough volunteer coaches to suffice the number of players registered, we will go off order of registration date for how many teams we can field appropriately. Those left without a team will be refunded if no coach is found.

Steve Bunch

Baseball Director

Phone: 765-269-6098