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General Info

Offers 4 ,5, and 6-year-olds, as of April 30th of the current year, the opportunity to have organized exposure to playing the game of baseball. The league focuses on introducing the game while teaching the players the fundamentals. Teams will be comprised of 7-8 players to keep the batting order moving quicker and more action on the field with chances to field live balls in play.

Each player will be assigned to a team by league director. There are no skills testing for this league.

 Teams will be comprised of both boy and girl players with a softie style baseball used during practices/games. This league will incorporate 2 days of activities. Each team will practice 1 time per week on Monday-Thursday for the first couple of weeks in the season. They will then go into 1-2 games per week for the second half of the year to encompass skills learned during the intro practices Players in this league will attempt to hit 3 pitches delivered from a coach to advance their development and start to see a moving target for their at bat in preparation of future leagues they will play. If they are unable to put the ball in play after 3 pitches, they will then hit off a batting tee to keep games moving and keep them excited and engaged.

Proposed Season Calendar:

1st Practices - 5/3

1st games - 5/17

Season ending week of 6/21