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2021 Wea Summer Rec Sponsor Form

Sponsorships and donations are a vital part of the WEA Summer Recreation program and the next baseball/softball season is just around the corner. That means it is time again to start searching for the many needed sponsors, donations and volunteers that help make our program a great success! Please consider donating for the 2021 Season. Email with any questions! Thank you for your consideration

2021 Season Planning

We are nearing the 2021 season opening and wanted to let you know of Wea Summer Rec's plans for operations with regard to Covid-19 protocol.

At ANY time a player or member of their family shows a Covid sympton we ask that they remove themselves from attending a game or practice. Please stay home as to not risk quarantining the team and coaches by contact.

Masks are recommended while in the dugout and social distancing should be observed as often as possible. Players may be outside of the dugout along the fence down the foul line and store equipment bags on that fence as well to limit the number of players in a dugout confined space. While outside the dugout we ask they wear their helmets for additional safety measures.

Equipment should not be shared amongst players. Each player should equip themselves with their own bat, helmet, and glove. We recommend they carry their own sanitizer and use frequently to help mitigate the spread of germs.  Coaches will be instructed to assign one catcher to use the Wea supplied equipment and sanitizer will be used at the completion of the game before being stored in equipment bag.

If at any time your player becomes quarantined from school activities for contact tracing, you must not attend any Wea events during this time. We will follow the TSC policy for return to activities timeline. If a player tests positive, a coach must be notified immediately and they will contact Wea Summer Rec to determine a course of action for the team on their contact tracing. Again, this is imperative if you feel sick to stay home and reduce the risk to adversely affect a whole team if you show a symptom.

A limited Concession stand will be offered for the season, and currently we are working to accept card transactions, but at this time still cash only and workers will be equipped with gloves and masks while working the stand. 

Purpose and Objective

The purpose of Wea Summer Rec is to establish organized amateur baseball and softball with ultimate objectives of social, physical, mental, and moral development of boys and girls aged 4 - 14 years.

A program of friendly competition with the goal of educating players in sportsmanship, teamwork, fellowship, courtesy, discipline, and integrity will be established.


McCutcheon Youth Baseball (MYBL)

MYBL is the travel baseball organization for players who will attend McCutcheon High School like many of our Wea participants.

MYBL partners with Wea Summer Rec to rent facilities and operates the Wea Rec Center field for their teams of players looking for more competitive play than our league offers.

Click the image above to find out more info about their program via their website

MYBL is a stand alone organization non-affiliated with Wea Summer Rec and our operations.

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Wea Rec Center Rental

If you are looking to rent the Wea Rec Center Gym or Community Center....please contact the Wea Township Trustee's office: 765-474-9621

Need to Contact Wea Summer Rec?

Email us at with any questions or concerns and we will address your need as quickly as possible.

Please include your players name and league when addressing so we can assist you better by directing your email to the appropriate director.