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Fall Ball Covid Planning for Parents

With the ever changing climate of the COVID pandemic in the area, we are constantly monitoring the situation and have a reopen plan in place for how our fall season will look.

We will not be offering shared equipment other than catchers gear to teams. All players need to have their own helmet, bat, and glove to participate. For catchers gear, we will issue one set per team and instruct coaches that there is to be only 1 player using the gear and maintain the catching position for the whole game. Upon completion of the game, coaches will be given disinfectant spray and clean the gear before storing in their equipment bag. 

We will try to set teams of rosters at bare minimum number of players to keep team size down. We will allow 6 players in the dugout and the remaining will be allowed to stand outside in the outfield foul area with helmets on to practice social distancing as much as possible. Players should hang equipment bags down the foul line fencing. 

There will be no spectating during practices. Parents should arrive no more than 10 minutes before their scheduled time and drop players off with their coach at field and return to the parking lot. For games, no teams should arrive prior to 20 minutes before their scheduled start. We will offset schedules and adapt game times to allow for limited contact before and after games. 

As we near the season start we will evaluate the current state and change or adhere to CDC recommendations. More information will be presented at that time to coaches and parents. 

Fall Ball Registration Deadline (unless Max Age League Capacity reached)


2020 Fall Ball Registration

For fall we are encouraging all players to register for the league in which they were to play this spring. Typically we suggest you move your player up in the fall for experience at the following age. With this spring's season being completely lost...we would ask they play the same they were registered for the cancelled season. If you wish for your player to move us when registration begins for board approval.

Anyone may sign up, however, Wea Township residents will be given priority for place on teams if we get into a max capacity issue with teams and coaches restrictions. 

Coaches Application

Interested in being a coach or helping in some capacity with a team in the Wea Summer Rec program? Please use the link below to register today!!! This form authorizes your background check to be cleared to assist within the program. 

Purpose and Objective

The purpose of Wea Summer Rec is to establish organized amateur baseball and softball with ultimate objectives of social, physical, mental, and moral development of boys and girls aged 4 - 14 years.

A program of friendly competition with the goal of educating players in sportsmanship, teamwork, fellowship, courtesy, discipline, and integrity will be established.


McCutcheon Youth Baseball (MYBL)

MYBL is the travel baseball organization for players who will attend McCutcheon High School like many of our Wea participants.

MYBL partners with Wea Summer Rec to rent facilities and operates the Wea Rec Center field for their teams of players looking for more competitive play than our league offers.

Click the image above to find out more info about their program via their website

MYBL is a stand alone organization non-affiliated with Wea Summer Rec and our operations.

RecWea Wea Summer Rec RecWea

Wea Rec Center Rental

If you are looking to rent the Wea Rec Center Gym or Community Center....please contact the Wea Township Trustee's office: 765-474-9621

Need to Contact Wea Summer Rec?

Email us at with any questions or concerns and we will address your need as quickly as possible.

Please include your players name and league when addressing so we can assist you better by directing your email to the appropriate director.